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Making it happen...

Each time I have a “brilliant idea”, my husband sighs heavily before he even sees my to-do list, aware his name’s right there! Imagine his delight when I founded Happinessence in July 2012, initially as a mobile venture. I spent most of my time on the road meeting clients in their home or place of work. This was a huge relief to my darling man, who had previously spent hours on DIY tasks at Newphoria....that was all before we migrated our family to New Zealand in May 2012.

It probably won't be any surprise to you that my to-do lists call on plenty of other sources to manifest the results I require! When it comes to transformational change, migrating the family to the other side of the world is just one in a long line. Having previously spent 15yrs in international sales and marketing, in 2009 I shifted into the world of alternative medicine, opening Newphoria (the healing centre and complementary therapy clinic I owned for 7 yrs in Surrey, UK).

The fantastic therapeutic team I established at Newphoria enabled me to study hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and psychic / spiritual development (all to master level), and along the way I developed a fascination for all things energy, particularly metaphysics. I began masterminding frequently with other leading thinkers, to develop the unique Connected - Guided - Blessed approach I use today to help individuals, organisations, small businesses and teams of all kinds to harness the energy of excellence for their desired outcomes. 

Speaking of which.…what exactly do you want to achieve? Where does your happiness lie, and isn't it about time you found out just how to live it today - and every day?

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Staying on the cutting edge

We all know where the business is going and how to get there!

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