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Don't be silly – they’d never want me…

Have you lost your confidence? Maybe it hasn't gone completely, but the bit you do still have is definitely a little the worse for wear. Did you ever wonder what happened to the “old you” – or ask yourself if you like the new one that seems to have taken its place? So what is it you hark back to, wishing you could have it again right now? Perhaps it's your job, your relationship, your figure, your life (whether before parenting, before menopause, before illness took over, or anything else). And now that your self-esteem is through the floor, does it seem impossible that you could ever have it so good again?

Maybe you spend a lot of time reminiscing about what used to be. Perhaps you might even notice yourself missing out on new opportunities, telling yourself “I couldn’t do that…”, “They’d never want me…” or “That wouldn’t work for me…” Just out of interest, does that little voice in your head ever whisper anything nice to you at all?

Isn’t it about time you put a stop to it, and pushed yourself forwards just that tiny little bit to do something different? If you’re really starting to hate having absolutely nothing to look forward to, then surely right now must be the moment to draw a line in the sand? Just imagine being able to start afresh, design a whole new you and maybe even hit some of those goals that you put aside some time ago, when the rest of life took over. Do you think it might also help if you knew:

  • how to place yourself at the very top of the list and stay there, no matter what
  • when you need to say no – and ways to do it that show you really mean it!
  • which boundaries make an immediate difference in life (and can even gain you unexpected support!)
  • where confidence comes from, plus how to cultivate more in the most challenging situations
  • why others might try to sabotage your new start, and how to handle them

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if when rediscovering your confidence, you actually found more than you had lost in the first place? Don’t wait any longer. Push yourself to make that all-important call and contact Happinessence right now. Every new path begins with just one tiny step…

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