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Break A Habit

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It only takes 30 days to form a habit…

…which might just stay in place for 30 years! Have you got a bad habit, something you really want to change? Do you bite your nails, suck your thumb or constantly twiddle with your hair? Are you easily distracted, ridiculously forgetful or shockingly impatient? Is procrastination your challenge? Or perhaps you have difficulty saying no, meaning that you start so many things you rarely get anything finished? Oh yes, what about hoarding – does that count?!

Maybe your habit is more of an irritation to other people, and you receive constant nagging to change your ways. Perhaps you’ve already tried to stop, but without success. On the other hand, your habit might be “on and off”, so it’s barely noticeable most of the time. However, if you’re under stress, it seems to take over. Rather like a nervous tic, or even OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Ultimately, are you ready to break the habit and free yourself from all the unpleasant consequences it always seems to bring? If you’re certain that now is the time to change, read the 5 secrets to successfully break ANY habit. Perhaps it might also help you to know:

  • how to beat the urge
  • where to find enough willpower, even in the most stressful situations
  • what works (and what doesn’t) for handling negative emotions, like anger, sadness, guilt, hurt and fear
  • why others might not offer you the support you had hoped for, and how to handle them
  • which self-help practices really do produce total wellbeing

Imagine taking control and putting in place beneficial habits with fulfilling results. Don’t waste another day stuck in the old ways. Start as you mean to go on, and begin your 30-day cycle of change with a call to Happinessence right now!

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