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Business In Need Of A Boost?

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It just doesn’t add up…

Do you know what’s blocking your business growth? Could your company be making more money? Where do you see the organization in five years – and are you on target? Every business owner knows how they want their venture to move forwards, expand, or even dominate the market. And yet this ambition doesn’t always show through on the bottom line…

Have you noticed a dip in sales? Has productivity slumped, or have you experienced deadline hold-ups? What about your staff members – any niggles, personality clashes or team performance issues? Do your numbers truly reflect the daily effort that goes into the business?


Maybe you’ve already called in a business expert to help you unravel the issues? Perhaps you’ve changed systems or made cuts, and yet the results are still not as you expected? Alternatively, you might have developed some workarounds but you’ve since noticed a whole load of new issues surfacing. Sometimes it just feels like there’s an invisible force working against you…

Could it be that now is the time for a different approach? Having tried the standard tactics, are you open to another angle? Would it be worth considering an alternative, particularly if it means you can discover the root cause of your current problems AND at the same time learn how to leverage the results into other areas of the business? What about if you discovered a new way?

The energy of a business bears great resemblance to the energy of an individual, and blockages can be cleared in order to restore positive energy flow using many of the same techniques. Even better, energy work can be performed in a workshop or seminar format with multiple staff members, just as easily as with individuals on a one-to-one basis.


Whilst sales, productivity and financial management often take precedence in an ambitious company, any people issues offer an ideal starting point when creating a bespoke energy solution for business. What about a staff development and wellbeing programme offering selected individuals personalised issue resolution and growth mentoring? Ever considered a meditation workshop for your team, or a professional keynote speaker to deliver energy and motivation at the next corporate function? Wondering whether you'd see any return on such an investment? Google's results suggest so - the corporation is well known for evolving innovative amenities for staff wellness and measuring their effects on the company's bottom line.

If now is the time you are choosing to actually DO something differently in your business, then Happinessence can help you how evolve today’s issues into tomorrow’s profits. Call us today to discuss a bespoke plan that will turbo-boost your business!

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