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Have you already discovered why you were placed on this earth?

“The meaning of life” isn’t just the title of a rather funny Monty Python film. For many, it represents a quest to which they devote a great deal of personal energy, because ultimately we must each find our own response to this fundamental question. What about you? Do you believe you’re living your purpose? Have you figured out the point of your existence? Can you provide the big answers – why me, why this, why now? Or even, what’s it all for?

Do you have faith that all experience is offered to us for the greater good? Is there a higher power in your universe, and do you know how to connect to it? If someone were to ask whether you consider yourself to be spiritual, would you assume they were asking if you have a religious belief, or would you understand the question to relate to the way you choose to live your life? Do you follow an ethical or moral code, and perhaps more importantly, are you happy with the choices you have made in life so far? Is your inner world essentially peaceful, or are you finding yourself more and more knotted with questions?

Maybe you’ve been seeking these answers for some time. Perhaps the truth is staring you right in the face and you simply need guidance to locate the key that will unlock the secrets stored within. If so, then NOW is the time to breakthrough. Just imagine learning to trust your innate wisdom so that no matter what the question, the answer is right at your fingertips. How would it be if you knew exactly why you were here, and could choose to fulfill your life’s purpose on a daily basis? Might it also help if you knew:

  • how to make a spiritual connection and receive inspiration whenever it’s needed
  • why some experiences in your life just seem to repeat themselves over and over (when no-one else around you struggles with the same issue)
  • which direction is right for you, so that you can be completely confident you’re always on the right path
  • where to find support when all your usual sources have left you high and dry
  • who to look to for guidance, who to avoid – and how to tell the difference!

If you feel that you were put on this earth to serve a purpose, then waste no more time waiting for the answers. Start your path of spiritual discovery today with a call to Happinessence, and learn the secrets to personal fulfillment in every area of existence!

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