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Do you ever look up at the sky, and simply wonder?

Astrology derives from the Greek word for “account of the stars”, and is a system of divination based upon planetary alignment. Dating from the second millennium BC, astrology is rooted in calendrical systems which not only predicted seasonal shifts, but also interpreted celestial cycles as signs of divine communication.

Whilst most cultural systems of astrology share common roots in ancient philosophies, their practical methodologies differ quite widely. Western astrology is founded on three principles: movement of the planets through twelve signs of the zodiac; measurement of planetary aspects (or alignment to one another); and placement of the planets in twelve houses. The interpretation of these three relationships produces a spiritual insight that proves helpful to many.

Hindu (also known as Indian, or vedic) astrology incorporates some additional sub-systems of interpretation (for example lunar mansions), whereas Chinese astrology is closely linked to Chinese philosophy and its theory of the three harmonies (heaven, earth and man). For this reason, Chinese astrology embraces concepts such as yin and yang, the five phases, the ten celestial stems, the twelve earthly branches and the shichen measurement unit. Rather than relying on observation of the stars, the Chinese zodiac of twelve animal signs represents differing personality types.

An excellent place to begin an astrological consultation is with a natal chart that has been plotted using the client’s birth details (date / time / place). A natal chart highlights key events and offers guidance around forthcoming life choices. In addition, charts can be created to review relationship compatibility, to determine fortuitous timing (eg. when planning a new business launch, a large event or an important announcement), and to assist someone seeking to fulfill their life purpose - or take a step in a brand new direction!

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