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In relationships, I just keep picking the same (wrong) partner!

Does this sound familiar? Every time you start over, you hope for a wonderful new and harmonious relationship with the perfect partner. Yet you keep finding yourself with someone who treats you unkindly, and barely notices how unhappy this makes you.

Perhaps you have started to wonder if you are walking around with “loser” tattooed on your forehead? Maybe your relationship pattern has become so obvious that other people have even called you a bum magnet, because you only ever seem to attract users (or worse still, abusers). Worryingly, you can’t understand where you’re going wrong – and perhaps you have even begun to think you deserve to be treated this way.

Let’s look at the alternatives… How would it be if you knew exactly what to do now in order to break this cycle of mismatch? Plus, if you could be 100% certain that your next relationship would be fulfilling, would you be ready to give it another try? Would it be even better if you were also to know:

  • which steps you can take right now to identify your ideal match
  • how to magnetically attract your perfect partner, enabling the love of your life to find you - as if by magic!
  • why your future relationships will echo those of the past unless you make one critical change
  • who, where and what to avoid at all costs on your next date...
  • what techniques to employ if you wish to gently dream the love of your life into being!

Can you imagine swapping negative links from the past for the loving and committed relationship that you have desired for so long? You can quickly and easily heal your destructive partnership cycle, and experience wellbeing in the heart of intimacy, plus wholeness in your partner’s embrace.

If you're completely ready to change the way your relationships are running, jump straight in with both feet and get in touch with Happinessence right now. The blueprint for your perfect relationship is waiting for you!

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