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Just a small cog in a big wheel?

Derived from the Sanskrit word for wheel or disc, a chakra is an energy centre. Oriental scholars document the existence of seven auras (layers of the body's electro-magnetic energy field). Each energetic body uses a linked chakra vortex as its entry and exit gateway. The seven major chakras are located vertically along the spinal column, enabling energy to flow up and down the centre. Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency. Their locations within the physical body map onto several ductless glands, so chakras are often linked with the endocrine system. In fact, each chakra governs a different physical body system or function, and is also concerned with a specific area of consciousness or an aspect of the human condition.

I worked with Sam for six years and to say that I looked forward to our sessions is a massive understatement! Lots changed over that time and Sam helped me work through several quite challenging issues. Her insight into many situations was hugely beneficial to me, helping me see things from a different perspective, in turn enabling me to choose how I interacted at a given moment. Sam is always 100% present in any session, listening intently without judgement and allowing you to go at your own pace.

Lori McPherson - Walton-on-Thames, UK

A chakra may be energetically excessive (ie. congested) or energetically deficient (ie. blocked). When a chakra is not functioning correctly, the energy at that particular level is not absorbed and the individual's being does not resonate at its optimal level. This not only causes a problem within the chakra itself, but also disrupts energy flow along the centre. Bringing individual chakras back into balance optimises overall energy and improves the central passage. This raises the vibration, and hence the consciousness, of the individual.

Chakras can be balanced in a number of different ways. Some individuals respond well to crystals or pendulums, whilst others prefer incense, aroma or essence work. A balancing session may incorporate relaxation music, sound therapy (eg. a singing bowl) or guided meditation. Practitioners can choose to channel energy through their hands, although it is also possible they will use their voice and clear blockages using conversational change techniques. Visualisation is a powerful aid, and also opens the pathway to increased consciousness for those interested in learning esoteric principles.

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