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My career is going nowhere – really fast!

How often do you hear someone say they really hate their job, but at least it pays the rent? Or worse, maybe you’re the one complaining? Often when you join a company, it's with high hopes of a stimulating role and plenty of scope for promotion. Reality sets in quickly when you find yourself working on repetitive tasks in an unsupportive environment, surrounded by obstructive colleagues. Maybe you feel undermined by your boss. Perhaps an overly ambitious coworker has stolen your innovation and passed it off as their own. Have office politics spiraled out of control? Is someone bad-mouthing you, or otherwise making your working life a misery? To make matters worse, you may have already spent time seeking alternative employment and come up empty-handed, so now it seems as if you’re completely trapped.

You’re undoubtedly feeling the need for change. Is it worth waiting any longer? If you allow yourself to be pushed beyond your limits, you could make a sudden, irrational move which you will later regret. It’s time for you to take control of the situation, put your significant talents to work and become master of your own destiny once more.

So, how would it be if your dream job suddenly popped up in your inbox, and you were able to step effortlessly into your new role, with a tidy promotion into the bargain? Would it make any difference to you if you could leave your current job on excellent terms and start afresh with a new company, one where you are invited to play a key role, at a great salary, with a supportive team around you? Even more exciting, just imagine being able to select the perfect position from multiple job offers! In short, do you think the whole process would be easier if you knew:

  • which career option would fulfill you completely AND enable you to live your purpose
  • why statistics apparently show that over 75% of people are unhappy at work – and how to be in the 25%!!
  • what you absolutely must have in your career to achieve maximum productivity, and how this stacks up against the rest of your life
  • who you must include in your team to achieve the greatest synergy (and who should be sidelined)
  • how to energetically assess any job description and really understand what the role involves

It’s time to reach higher and act now. If you are ready for change, make it your job to get hold of Happinessence right now – and put yourself in the company of those who make a difference!

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