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When emotions from your past still control your present choices, you begin to feel in every situation that something is holding you back, or even causing you to fail. The Dambusters programme with Happinessence is designed to clear out old emotional connections. This allows you to break free from the past once and for all, and move forwards to experience exactly what you want in the future.

In every area of life, it’s important to occasionally clear out the old in order to make space for the new. Imagine if you moved into your dream home and the previous owners had left all their junk everywhere! There would be nowhere for you to put all your lovely new things.

From time to time, we must run this same cleansing process on our emotions. There are energetic (invisible) footprints throughout your life, left behind by everyone and everything with which you’ve previously associated – every now and then, it’s appropriate to sweep them all away, and break new ground.


How it works....

Dambusters is a short series of sessions, which together create emotional freedom. Each 2hr session is devoted to resolutely getting rid of whatever old rubbish no longer serves you – this may be past trauma, unsupportive habits, complex emotional responses, repetitive cycles or spirals, negative influences or even destructive connections. 

The conversational change techniques used in this programme draw principally on NLP coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy and meditation. Most importantly, you remain in control at all times. As with any healing modality, there are elements of counselling within the dambusters programme, but rest assured it is not necessary for you to ‘relive’ any of your past experiences. In fact, you don’t even have to speak in detail about what you’ve gone through, unless you wish to do so – you can keep it all secret AND the release process still works fully! 

Dambusters by Happinessence helps you to easily categorise any troubling elements from the past into a comfortable place where they no longer adversely affect you. This gentle healing process means you become completely free to make the most of everything that lies ahead. 

Session duration: 2hrs
Total number of sessions: Three *
Programme price: NZ$1,500 (&GST)   Shop online in the Happinessence store

Session venue: Happinessence clinic (South Auckland)
Remote option: via Skype or Zoom

Where deemed necessary, the total number of sessions may be increased without additional charge 

What happens next....

If Happinessence’s Dambusters programme is just what you need to move forward, contact us right now to:

  • contact us right now to book a mutually convenient session schedule (or shop online in the Happinessence store)
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your initial downpayment, and set up an AP with your bank to cover the fees on your agreed payment schedule
  • show up for each session on your chosen date at the correct time
  • take home peace of mind, along with the emotional freedom to make future choices without ties to the past

Success Stories

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Happy people make productive staff members!

Exceptional value

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Energised, engaged and ready for the world!

A much-needed boost for my senior team

Creating a life I don't need a holiday from!

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Top of the Shop - Officially!

When business mentoring is truly awarding!!!

We got our first seven figure deal!

Got rid of my block - easily, quickly, completely

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All her terrible, non-stop tics have now stopped!

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Staying on the cutting edge

We all know where the business is going and how to get there!

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