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Albert Einstein famously declared “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew”. The Da Vinci mastermind programme by Happinessence is designed for leaders who wish to regularly collaborate with fellow enlightened thinkers. 

We grow and develop by constantly re-evaluating all that we have previously accepted. Choosing to associate with others for the specific purpose of questioning beliefs and assumptions clearly demonstrates a desire to increase self-awareness and prompt trajectory thinking. This is a key trait in self-mastery. All transformational change begins by stimulating consciousness. 

Leonardo da Vinci is often regarded as the prime exemplar of the “universal genius”, a man of unquenchable curiosity and a feverishly inventive imagination. Thanks to the Da Vinci mastermind programme by Happinessence, you join regularly with others who excel in their field. The synergy which emerges from this ongoing collaboration ensures each member benefits from the others’ expertise whilst further stretching their own thinking.


How it works....

The purpose of each Da Vinci mastermind group (4-8 participants) is determined by its members. Groups usually meet monthly for up to 3hrs at a time, although some masterminds redefine this guideline in order to support their specific group objective. Every mastermind meeting operates around an agenda to stimulate the discussion, and agenda items are contributed by any member seeking input from their colleagues. 

Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to explore the option of flight for human beings, designing the ornithopter based on his research into the flying mechanism of birds. The Da Vinci mastermind programme by Happinessence offers today’s great thinkers an opportunity to collaboratively embrace the energy of excellence and stimulate exponential achievement across a range of disciplines.


What happens next....

If you’re absolutely ready to unite with other great minds on the Da Vinci mastermind programme by Happinessence:

  • contact us right now to apply for your place
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your initial downpayment, and set up an AP with your bank to cover the fees on your agreed payment schedule
  • show up for each mastermind session on the scheduled date at the correct time
  • revel in the collaborative synergy as you meet each new challenge with an open mind, attuned to success

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