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When you’re ready to reach a specific goal, yet your efforts to date haven’t achieved what you’d hoped, it’s time to bring in the big guns and boost your energy for that final push. The Destination programme with Happinessence is designed for those with a clear lifestyle goal in mind. (Typical instances include stoping smoking, losing weight and breaking habits). With expert input, they know they’ll be able to design the ideal strategy to nail their target, once and for all. 

Habits are looping patterns, which are formed in the unconscious mind as an automatic shortcut to good feelings. At some point in their life, everyone makes a lifestyle adjustment, which usually involves a review of our habits. As soon as we become aware that a current habit no longer contributes to our long-term happiness, it's time the habit bites the dust. 

Just in case you’re wondering, no matter how long a habit has been in place, it’s a complete fallacy that it’s become so ingrained it cannot be changed. There are 5 secrets to successfully break ANY habit, and if you’ve come unstuck trying to resolve the problem yourself, expert help will ensure you crack it now.


How it works....

Destination is a short series of powerful sessions, offering a failsafe process plus the necessary accountability to achieve your chosen outcome. If accepted onto Happinessence’s destination programme and follow every directive you are given, your result is guaranteed – or you receive a full fee refund. 

Each session is devoted to teaching you a range of specific practices which together help you rapidly and easily replace your current undesirable behaviour with the most effective alternative. The conversational change techniques used in this programme draw principally on hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. Most importantly, you remain in control at all times.

Destination by Happinessence helps you achieve the lifestyle modification you have found difficult to adopt alone. This programme adds powerful expertise and extensive experience to your prevailing desire for change, guaranteeing the success you’re seeking. 

Session duration: 2hrs (initial session) + 1hr (follow-up sessions)
Total number of sessions: Three *
Programme price: NZ$950 (&GST)   Shop online in the Happinessence store

Session venue: Happinessence clinic (South Auckland)
Remote option: via Skype or Zoom

Where deemed necessary, the total number of sessions may be increased without additional charge 

What happens next....

If Happinessence’s Destination programme is just what you need to move forward, contact us right now to:

  • contact us right now to book a mutually convenient session schedule (or shop online in the Happinessence store)
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your initial downpayment, and set up an AP with your bank to cover the fees on your agreed payment schedule
  • show up for each session on your chosen date at the correct time
  • take home peace of mind, along with the satisfaction you've finally achieved the lifestyle change you're seeking

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