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When life feels a bit stuck and things are just not moving forwards as you’d hoped, it’s a fairly safe bet your energy is off-kilter. A Diagnostics session with Happinessence is designed to suit those unsure of their way forward.


How it works....

The Diagnostics session can be employed as follows:


EITHER a tarot reading (60mins) – this brings immediate clarity by providing much-needed direction. You’ll also receive key pointers that allow you to take direct action and thereby produce speedy results. 

It can be incredibly useful to compare the way things are most likely to go (if you just leave them to pan out further) with additional insights around your options (many of which you may not have thought of before). Should you wish to make a change, it’s important to recognise all available alternatives in order to reach an informed decision.

OR an exploratory review (45mins) – this provides instant support for the issues at hand, addressing pressing problems. You’ll also be introduced to the change programme which best suits your ongoing requirements.

It’s always valuable to gain a deeper understanding of what’s been going on, how it’s come about and what can be done about it. Once you know how to get back on track, it’s critical to feel confident your selected programme will enable you to achieve your desired outcome. 


A Diagnostics session can help you fine-tune any area of your life to make the most of all the opportunities available to you.

Session duration: 45 - 60mins
Total number of sessions: One
Programme price: NZ$175 (&GST) *   Shop online in the Happinessence store

Session venue: Happinessence clinic (South Auckland)
Remote option: via Skype or Zoom

Where the diagnostic session is an exploratory review, the price of this session will be deducted from your total programme cost when you commit to the recommended programme

What happens next....

If a Happinessence Diagnostics session is the perfect starting point for you:

  • contact us right now to schedule your booking (or shop online in the Happinessence store)
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your session payment
  • show up on your chosen date at the correct time
  • take home peace of mind, plus the clarity and direction required to get back on track

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