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When your team has still to reach its full potential, a brand new energy makes all the difference. The Distinction programme with Happinessence is designed for teams who are ready to step up, raise the bar, increase their competitive edge – and soar higher than ever believed possible.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, distinction by Happinessence offers a bespoke solution to lift your team beyond their everyday issues, where they can harness the energy of excellence. Earl Nightingale declared: “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”, meaning it’s nothing to do with what you’ve got, and everything to do with where you’re going. How would it be if you could uncover the universal energy principles and specific esoteric techniques that ensure you get there faster? Would it be even more astonishing if along the way you also rapidly resolved those issues which have been holding you back? 

It appears the traditional success formula has all the steps the wrong way round, according to recent discoveries from the fields of quantum physics, epigenetics and positive psychology. With Distinction by Happinessence, your whole team can learn what truly makes a difference.


How it works....

Distinction offers a range of options, each of which can be tailored to meet your team's specific needs:

Keynote speaker – great oratory entertains, enlightens and empowers, resulting in striking innovation from trajectory thinking

Seminar – assembling the team for group learning with a series of breakout tracks generates increased productivity across multiple functions

Workshop – when a variety of perspectives are united to brainstorm specific issues, the synergy of creative thinking produces spectacular results

Retainer – complex issues occasionally require 1-2-1 meetings and / or consistent operational support, for which a series of regularly spaced 2hr catalyst sessions provides essential reinforcement

Distinction by Happinessence submerses your team in a world of esoteric learning, where the energy of excellence lies within easy reach. Understanding the latest research on success and high performance positions your people ahead of the game, and provides them the tools for exponential achievement.


What happens next....

If Distinction by Happinessence is the key to your team's strategic development:

  • contact us right now to schedule your booking
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your initial downpayment
  • prepare your team to welcome us on your chosen date at the correct time
  • revel in the excitement created by the energy of excellence as your team consistently reaches higher

Success Stories

The ah-ha moment for our staff...

Happy people make productive staff members!

Exceptional value

One happy client, now journeying further!

Soaring high, flying free!

I've escaped those emotional black holes....

Energised, engaged and ready for the world!

A much-needed boost for my senior team

Creating a life I don't need a holiday from!

I changed my thought processes...

Top of the Shop - Officially!

When business mentoring is truly awarding!!!

We got our first seven figure deal!

Got rid of my block - easily, quickly, completely

No more nervous tics

All her terrible, non-stop tics have now stopped!

Profoundly changed

My past no longer runs my present...

Staying on the cutting edge

We all know where the business is going and how to get there!

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