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What must your dashboard show to confirm progress?

The most effective teams have a purpose (or a mission), plus a strategy (or vision) to focus everyone’s effort in order to achieve it. But what do you need to see along the way, to confirm you’re on track? Which checklist are you using to measure where you are, and are you certain the goalposts haven’t shifted in the meantime? Are you still working to an appropriate plan?

When was the last time your team celebrated their recent success – but perhaps more importantly, did this merriment motivate every member of the team to knuckle down further and play their part moving forward to reach your end goal? Life happens to us all. However, it’s not unheard of for people to occasionally use their life challenges as an excuse for slackening off. Is the weight evenly distributed in your team, or are some members enjoying a free ride?

If you've had enough of dragging everyone else along behind you, surely it's time to take a breather and find a better way? Wouldn't it be a whole lot simpler if your people were just as motivated as you are by the rewards ahead? How would it be if everyone on your team were so inspired by your end goal that they each felt compelled to give 110% every single day? Can you imagine where your team would be a year from now, and the results you would all have to show for it? When encouraging everyone to adopt this cohesive approach, might you also find it helpful to understand:

  • why recent studies show more than 70% of the beliefs we hold do NOT support success or high performance
  • where delegation within teams leads to confusion – and how to quickly get things back on track
  • which techniques are most effective for building goals that motivate every single team member
  • what works (and what doesn’t) to blast out any negativity within your team
  • how high engagement within teams leads each individual to exceed expectations by 50% on average 

To encourage your whole team to lift higher, a sound structure must lie at its foundation. This must be visible to each member in a way that inspires them forward. If you truly want results instead of excuses, pick up the phone and call Happinessence right now!

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