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Don't worry – be happy!

How does your anxiety manifest itself – nails bitten to the quick, sleepless nights, tension in your neck and shoulders, a nervous disposition? Have you developed a stammer, a nervous tic or even obsessive-compulsive behaviours such as repeated checking, excessive washing or cleaning, or rituals around doors or light switches? Is your mind swirling and spiraling with analytical thoughts, constantly rehashing the same ground to cover all possible contingencies, most of which seem to be negative?

Do your fears incapacitate you completely so that you have zero motivation, a pervasive inability to focus or concentrate and a general feeling of despair? Perhaps it has gone so far that you now feel powerless in any situation where you’re called on to take the lead, whether at home with your partner or children, in a work scenario or even socially amongst friends and acquaintances.

Would it be a relief to leave the worries behind – although perhaps you’ve had them for so long that you’re not entirely sure how you would cope without? Can you actually remember a time when life was trouble-free? And if you can’t remember, can you just imagine how it would be… And whilst you're doing that, do you think it might also help you to know:

  • how to remain calm, in even the most trying of situations
  • where to safely and easily release all negative emotions, to immediately feel better, lighter and happier
  • which breathing techniques and other self-help practices you may choose to prioritise for total wellbeing
  • what factors in your life made you the perfect candidate for anxiety (and how to remove them instantly!)
  • why it’s particularly important to block off energy drains and avoid energy vampires (and how to do both!)

Imagine taking control, and standing firm before your old fears. Take the first step to beating anxiety and put in a call to Happinessence right now!

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