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Everyone is stressed nowadays – is it really such a big issue?

According to the NASD (, medical research estimates as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related. An instinctive phenomenon, stress is a completely natural reaction to anything perceived as overwhelming – and this response may be physical, psychological or a mix of the two. The additional energy created by stress is designed to protect us, but unless it is suitably channeled, it brings us out of balance. And if this cycle persists over time, the energy build-up actually becomes harmful…

Do you find yourself suffering repeatedly with headaches, tension pains in your back and shoulders, digestive upsets or cold / flu symptoms? Are you a teeth grinder, or a nail biter? Has it become more difficult to fall asleep? Perhaps your sleep is broken and fitful, and maybe you’ve suddenly begun having a recurring dream, or even nightmares? Can you find ways to relax, or do you rely on stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to help you chill out?

Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself becoming increasingly irritable, or anxious? Maybe you find it difficult to get motivated and realize you’re actually a lot less productive just recently? You might even be feeling inexplicably angry or resentful towards others, whether family members, work colleagues or friends – in fact, you always seem to be on a short fuse. It’s even possible someone else has kindly pointed out that your behaviour has changed, and pushed you to do something about it.

If so, you’re probably desperate to find a new way before the proverbial last straw is drawn. Whatever is at the root of the matter is certainly making its presence known, and you’re ready for a complete change. In which case, NOW is the perfect time to do things differently. How would it be if you were totally back in control, and ready to handle whatever life may throw at you? Imagine smiling each morning as you get out of bed, anticipating the joys of the day ahead and grabbing new opportunities with both hands! Might it also help you to know:

  • how to place yourself at the very top of your to-do list (and stay there, no matter what!)
  • what works (and what doesn’t) for handling negative emotions, like anger, sadness, guilt, hurt and fear
  • who might just be contributing energetically to your condition (and how to put a stop to it)
  • which breathing techniques and other self-help practices you may choose to prioritise for total wellbeing
  • why it’s particularly important to block off energy drains and avoid energy vampires (and how to do both!)

Why let things go any further, when help is at hand? Contact Happinessence, and immediately discover quick and easy ways to manage your stress right now. Move straight on to addressing the underlying issues, and liberate yourself for the long-term. It’s high time to get a handle on your stress, and regain control of your energy!

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