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Survival of the fittest

Which new skill would it really help your team to master – and why? Would this additional expertise give you an advantage few others can offer, or perhaps even open new doors for you? Maybe this know-how is something you’ve noticed elsewhere, and within your team it would bring a real competitive edge? It could be you and your colleagues want to step into the unknown and acquire a talent mastered by few? Whether you’re considering a commonly recognized proficiency such as public speaking, or a delicate knack like conflict management, there are many advantages to acquiring new competencies and further developing what your team already offers.

Having said that, maybe you subscribe to the adage that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. So, what exactly has stopped you all from embracing this skill to date? Have you already tried – and failed? Are you scared your people won’t be able to pick it up, so you’d rather not face the disappointment? Was it too expensive to even contemplate trying until now? Or did you not have anyone to lead the charge, and the idea of driving this alone really didn’t appeal? Of course, it’s always possible this upskill isn’t exactly your choice, but rather a necessity driven by advances in technology, or by other circumstantial changes....

If you’re certain this is the right way for the team to go, then now is the perfect time to make it happen. Imagine how it would be if everyone on your team quickly and easily assimilated exactly what's needed to rapidly gain the stunning results you desire. What a difference that would make to everyone involved – especially when the available rewards vastly outweigh the effort required. Now that you’re ready to embrace the opportunity and completely grasp how this new skill will enrich your whole team’s performance, might it also help you to know:

  • which learning style(s) will enable all your people to effortlessly assimilate new information
  • what works (and what doesn’t) to blast out any negativity within your team, like fear, inadequacy, lack of motivation
  • where confidence comes from, plus how everyone can cultivate more in challenging situations
  • why others might not lend your group the support you’d hoped for, and what you can do about it
  • how to ensure your whole team remains calm, focused and performing at their best under pressure

It must be time that you and yours grabbed the bull by the horns – and came out tops! If your team is completely ready to step up, then make sure of success by getting in touch with Happinessence right now!

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