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Prior to working with Sam, my team and I had experienced a year of success and grand achievements!  We're a new business and a young team, and for the most part everything was ticking along nicely, with only mundane issues from time to time. Sam created a completely tailored workshop for us. She made it creative, inspiring and gave us all something we could both relate to and aspire towards. We focused mainly on ways to avoid complacency and arrogance due to our success, and instead to strive for a better customer experience, personal growth and confidence. Since the workshop, Sam has carried out one-on-one's with staff members who need a little extra assistance. Their confidence is growing, and thus their place within the business is becoming clearer to them. Sam is so approachable. She gives insight into so many areas, without judgment. Sam's involvement with my whole team has been critical to the start of 2015. Now, we all have a clear understanding on where the business is going and the roles we each play to get it there. I cannot recommend Sam enough!!!

Tracy Sarjant Roberts - Director, Common Thread

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Staying on the cutting edge

We all know where the business is going and how to get there!

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