Energised, Engaged And Ready For The World!

Energised, Engaged And Ready For The World!

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The Happinessence team facilitated a workshop for my senior staff (22 attendees) in November 2015. As a business we were stuck in a rut, and our people were disjointed and possibly even a little dysfunctional at times. I'd heard Happinessence were unique in their approach to getting the best out of teams, and I wanted to see my team move forward, communicate effectively and see the best in each challenging situation. I could tell everyone was uneasy when they stepped through the door to the workshop, and I was a little nervous how things would go! Within half an hour, Sam had everyone at ease, laughing AND taking notes. I sat quietly in the corner and watched my team come alive. Before I knew it, they were split into groups to problem solve the challenges I had provided, working together and coming up with some great ideas. The day was a complete success, everyone left energised, engaged and ready to take on the world. I recommend Happinessence to anyone who wants their teams to be the best they can be.

Carolyn Payne, KAS, Pukekohe, New Zealand 

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