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When one part of your life is going particularly well, but another has yet to reach its full potential, you’re left thinking there could be so much more… Why wait for someone else to wave a magic wand? The Dynamics programme with Happinessence is designed for those who want to master universal energy principles. After all, how much fun could you have if you knew exactly how to manifest more of what you want in the world around you? 

The first step on this programme is to become aware of those elements which add to your energy, as well as those which cause it to leak away. Knowing how to manage your energy, and exactly what to do in every circumstance to bring it into balance, opens up your next opportunity. This is where you learn how to direct your energy towards the outcomes you desire. Ultimately, over time you begin to master your energy, and this transition allows you to raise the bar in every area of your life! 

Your energy (whether high or low) ripples out around you. The magic really happens as soon as you begin to apply the universal energy principles you learn on the dynamics programme to your individual circumstances. By supporting, developing and extending your personal energy, you quickly notice how the world around you changes in consequence – it’s very exciting!


How it works....

Dynamics is an extended series of sessions, which together create a magical toolbox for manifestation, success and achievement. Each 2hr session combines instruction with hands-on accountability, to help you effectively apply what you learn to your everyday situation. 

The bonus value you gain from the dynamics programme lies in the fact the material you acquire can immediately be implemented amongst others around you. Whilst the uses amid family and friends will quickly become obvious, it doesn’t end there. For example, you may choose to use your new skills at work by incorporating some of the principles into HR processes and staff evaluations, you might create team learning initiatives without the cost of external consultants, and you can even innovate by adding a little of the magic into a product range so clients benefit, too! 

Dynamics by Happinessence submerses you in a world of esoteric learning, bringing the self-awareness necessary for powerful change. Understanding how universal energy principles are already at work in your world enables you to put them to use and achieve the ongoing success you desire. 

Session duration: 2hrs
Total number of sessions: Thirteen
Programme price: NZ$6,000 (&GST)   Shop online in the Happinessence store

Session venue: Happinessence clinic (South Auckland)
Remote option: via Skype or Zoom

What happens next....

If Happinessence’s Dynamics programme is just what you need to make your dreams come true, contact us right now to:

  • contact us right now to book a mutually convenient session schedule (or shop online in the Happinessence store)
  • check out our T&Cs
  • make your initial downpayment, and set up an AP with your bank to cover the fees on your agreed payment schedule
  • show up for each session on your chosen date at the correct time
  • take home the energetic mastery required for ongoing magical outcomes 

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