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When it’s a challenge to keep the energy high…

Has your team lost its impetus? Maybe the first thing you noticed was results dropping off, but the bigger problem now is the way everyone keeps getting drawn into niggles that quickly become dramas. Motivation has drifted out the window, nobody has any focus and all you seem to be hearing are excuses. What’s happened to everyone?

Can you identify one single person who still has their eye on the ball? Are there any members of your team trying to take responsibility and change the way things have become, or is everyone far too busy bitching and moaning? What about the goals everyone agreed on? Does it seem like you’re slogging through mud just to accomplish the everyday stuff, never mind recall the big picture?

You know what this team is capable of achieving and if you've had just about enough of these distractions, perhaps it's time to call a halt and rally the troops. Everyone would benefit from the lift. Something to ground and focus your people is what's needed. How would it be if you suddenly knew exactly how to inspire the whole team? If you could re-engage every member with a mesmerizing call to action and provide a huge motivational boost to keep everyone’s energy high for the challenges ahead? Just imagine the magic they'll create, the synergy they’ll produce and the results you’ll all achieve once the whole team regains its momentum! Might it also be useful to understand:


  • why everyday concerns triumph so easily over the big picture – and how to reverse this trend
  • how to effectively release negative emotions and stop one member’s issues affecting the whole group
  • which easy techniques everyone can employ to shut down niggles (and other energy drains)
  • how high engagement within teams leads each individual to exceed expectations by 50% on average
  • where delegation within teams leads to confusion – and how to quickly get things back on track 

The answer is a Happinessence energy boost for your whole team. The effects are instantaneous and everybody will notice the difference instantly. It’s time to put a stop to distractions and excuses – pick up the phone, and get in touch with us right now!

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