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Can you really turn around poor performance?

Has one of your team leaders taken their eye so far off the ball that you’re now wondering if the resulting downturn can ever be reversed? Are you starting to wonder how this person ever talked their way into a position of leadership with your team, because none of their recent calls seem to make any sense? Maybe you’ve just about reached the end of your tether with this individual, and you’re hoping on a decision to leap before pushed….

Are you even querying your own judgment because you appointed this leader in the first place? Perhaps an even bigger worry is what else you might have missed – after all, if you underestimated someone for a position of leadership, is it also possible the person concerned may have mismanaged their role without anyone noticing? Have they been acting in bad faith all along? And what sort of a mess will you utimately have to face?

What more do you need to make a change? It's time to act - after all, can you afford to wait any longer? This issue will not sort itself out without intervention, but it may not be as difficult as you think to achieve that win-win. Imagine what would happen if everything just turned around, if the skills for which you first nominated this leader were once again centre stage? What about if the whole team caught on fire because the results you know this person is capable of achieving gradually came back into play? And would it be even better if the investment made in this individual were to pay back several times over, as their achievement curve lifts higher and higher? Maybe you will find it helpful to understand:


  • what happens to even the most highly skilled individual when stress exceeds energy reserves
  • which easy techniques everyone can employ to shut down niggles (and other energy drains)
  • where leaders can safely release their negativity, and avoid it impacting the whole team
  • how anyone can effectively master their inner game, no matter the challenges they face
  • why past performance does not have to determine future execution – and how to break the pattern

The answer to this problem lies in breaking the pattern, emphatically and immediately. Give your leaders the support they deserve, and the whole team will notice the difference. Have faith in your choices – pick up the phone and get in touch with Happinessence right now!

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