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What’s the magic pill for depression?

How do you know you are “depressed”? Is it when the doctor has signed you off work and sent you home with a prescription for anti-depressants? What about when you feel down so often that you have lost all motivation, withdrawn into yourself and dissolve into tears at the drop of a hat? Maybe you spend hours ruminating, going over the same issues time and time again, with no new outcomes? You may already be aware of the wide-spectrum classification for depression – it is considered to be a psychological disorder affecting a person's moods, physical functions and social interactions. Although apparently a mental illness, symptoms of depression can be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. Are you experiencing hopelessness, demoralisation, unrelenting pessimism, sadness, lethargy, headaches, digestive issues, excessive fatigue or chronic undiagnosed pain?

If you’re ready to change, and draw your depression to a final close once and for all, the way forwards starts with identifying your particular "root cause". Just like symptoms, the causes of depression vary greatly from person to person. Happily, this means the route to wellness can be surprisingly speedy when the time is right for you to address your underlying issues.

Imagine being able to step out of the darkness, leave the sadness behind and embrace fully everything life has to offer. Would it make a difference to you if you could let go of the past, heal old hurts and free yourself from the constraints placed upon you? How would it be if you also knew:

  • how to identify your life’s purpose, and discover the whole point of your existence
  • where to safely and easily release all negative emotions, to immediately feel better, lighter and happier
  • which breathing techniques and other self-help practices you may choose to prioritise for total wellbeing
  • what factors in your life made you the perfect candidate for depression (and how to remove them instantly!)
  • why it’s particularly important to block off energy drains and avoid energy vampires (and how to do both!)

Over 120 million people worldwide are affected by the symptoms of depression, and yet less than 25% have access to effective treatments. The powerful mind techniques available nowadays to address depression are open to everyone, ensuring the stigma of mental illness is quickly receding. If you are ready to think yourself well again, reach out to Happinessence right now. It has been proven that placebo tablets work because people think they will. Energy medicine is far more magical than any placebo!

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