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Ever find yourself in two minds?

It has been scientifically demonstrated that the mind works on two levels. The conscious thinking mind (intellect) functions primarily in the left brain, whilst the subconscious feeling mind (intuition) functions primarily in the right brain. The mind's greatest untapped potential lies in the unconscious, which stores all memories, habits, behaviour and every associated emotion. The unconscious mind also controls all functions of the body….yet, willpower is exerted by the conscious mind!

Sam at Happinessence is in equal parts highly effective and absolutely delightful to deal with. I had compulsively cracked my knuckles for more than eight years, and exhausted several alternative ‘fixes’. Having no belief in subconscious suggestion or hypnotherapy I was hesitant, but still made significant progress from just a single appointment. After only three meetings I am now at a place where my habit no longer negatively affects my life, or the sanity of those around me. I would have no hesitation in re-engaging Happinessence for treatment of any future issues.

Anthony Appleton-Tattersall - Karaka, New Zealand

For most of our waking time, the brain is in the beta state where activity ranges from 14 to 33 cycles per second (CPS), functioning on average at 21 CPS. When brain activity slows to the alpha state (8-12 CPS), this brings enhanced physical relaxation and heightened creativity. This is also the most conducive brainwave cycle for concentration and new learning – someone in the alpha state feels detached, yet alert.

During hypnosis, the practitioner guides the client to relax completely, in the sure and safe knowledge they remain constantly in control. The relaxation experienced in the hypnotic state bypasses the conscious mind, directing the subconscious to accept positive suggestions. It's rather like having a film screen inside, enabling the mind to run different imagery and creating a new, improved you!

Anyone wishing to make important changes in their life is usually aware this requires them to modify their own behaviour and potentially introduce some new habits. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective way to relax the conscious (or aware) mind, making it possible to rapidly introduce suggestions which easily and effortlessly overcome old motivational habits.

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