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One bad apple....

Is your team divided? Do you have one person who just can’t seem to get along with everybody else? Perhaps you’re faced with a small faction of doomsayers, whose negative energy or argumentative ways are bringing everyone else down? Maybe you’ve already tried all kinds of ways to unite the team, but it all falls apart again as soon as any contentious issue arises? Even worse, this also happens because the individuals in question just can’t seem to get their own lives in order, so they make everyone else suffer when things go wrong for them at home.

Whatever the purpose of your team (business, sport, networking, charitable service, special interest or something else entirely), it’s so frustrating when your common purpose is continually lost within a quagmire of people problems. Does your leadership end up bogged down by issues instead of pushing forward on agreed strategy? And how often have you noticed yourselves coming back to the same concerns, because whatever resolution has been put in place, the story never seems to end there?

Don't wait until your best members start leaving, at which point everyone truly loses out. Can you really afford to let this situation drag on? Surely it’s time to crack your people challenges once and for all. Just imagine clearing out the root of these problems so that the whole team is firing on all cylinders – no matter what else is happening around them. Do you think improving dynamics will also make a difference to what you're all able to achieve? If you can see clearly how this issue is standing in the way of your team’s cohesion as well as its overall performance, might it also help you to know:


  • why some people would rather be right than successful
  • which 2min technique turns any enduring pessimist into an eager optimist, proving our ability to overcome genetics or circumstances
  • why any great team needs a mix of personalities – the magic is ensuring they spark the best in each other!
  • what works (and what doesn’t) to blast out any lingering negativity within your team (eg. fear, inadequacy, lack of motivation)
  • how to ensure your whole team remains calm, focused and performing at their best under pressure

It's time to align your whole team, and remove any distractions to the success you’re all seeking. Make your appointment right now with Happinessence!

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