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Where cause and effect can transform existence!

Feeling as if events are forced upon us by destiny gives life little purpose, and even less meaning. Constantly avoiding painful experiences because we equate pain with punishment does not help us to achieve wholeness. Rather than floundering amongst truths defined by others, some individuals seek a personal understanding of who they are, where they are going and why exactly they came into this life (or incarnation).

Happinessence is a wonderful service which has made a true difference in my life. Having gone through a period of major change and upheaval, I was left feeling lost, without focus or direction, and unsure of myself and my future. After just three sessions, I can truly say I have noticed a difference. I feel more confident, like I have started to find myself again. I would recommend Sam at Happinessence to anyone who needs help in finding their way, those in search of empowerment or needing to leave the past behind and move on. I would definitely use Happinessence again.

Hanna Waddington - Devonport, New Zealand

The karmic alignment process is designed to achieve a personal breakthrough, enabling the individual to fully explore the duality of the human condition, remove any blockages in their path to spiritual enlightenment and identify their karmic purpose for this life. This insight is the first step on the path of self-development.

There are multiple levels of being (ie. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), each measured by its own energetic vibration. Blockages can exist at any of these levels, and when present they disrupt the individual’s sense of oneness. Clearing away blocks brings conscious will into alignment with inner purpose, which enables us to experience life differently, with intent. We create our life through the choices we make. It follows that greater spiritual understanding allows us to manifest a more magical universe. Through focused intent we set up the path for future attainment.

Karmic alignment is an intensive therapeutic procedure tailored to the individual. Depending on any presenting conditions, the procedure may comprise elements of counseling, NLP coaching and mentoring. Most likely it will also introduce a wide range of energetic healing techniques designed specifically to aid personal breakthrough.

Karmic alignment generates extraordinary results for everyone who commits to the process. Anyone devoted to answering the big questions in life will find it transforms their existence. Those whose life has gone off the rails are set onto a brand new path, where achievement is once again possible. And just about everyone who undertakes karmic alignment discovers brand new creative options that blow their mind!

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