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Have you ever heard anyone say “A year ago, all this was just a dream!” So, how on earth did they make it real? Manifestation techniques based on the law of attraction were first popularised in “The Secret” and the concept of cosmic ordering (or allowing the universe to deliver on stated intentions) is familiar to many. Sadly, it's much less common to come across individuals who use it successfully, and change their world.

I first came to see you in October 2007. I had been to Canada and came back, only to be made redundant. I really wanted to move to Canada at the time. You might remember I got a job at a small bathroom construction company, but did not get on so well with my boss. You gave me a few things to help me along the way! I went back to Canada in May 2008 and tried to get work there. Each company I saw was interested, but as they needed to get a labour market opinion from the Canadian government (ie. prove they could not find a Canadian to do the work) it was going to be difficult. Long story short, I was finally offered a job with a timber frame home builder and got my work permit on 17th December 2008. I feel so lucky! Thank you for your help.

Pam Flint - Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

The potential of the subconscious mind is vast, and abundance attraction is an energy technique which leverages the capability of thought. It is based on the idea that everything anyone observes in the world around them is actually a projection created by their inner self. Harnessing the law of attraction means working this process in reverse – instead of observing the world, the power of thought is used to create everything around yourself in exactly the way you wish to experience it. Perhaps you desire more money, greater success, or increased personal fulfillment? Whatever form of abundance you desire can be brought into reality using manifestation techniques.

Metaphysicians believe that the law of attraction functions constantly, meaning that everyone is creating their own reality based on their thoughts. For many, this is far from a positive process, because it's the unconscious mind which does the attracting. And generally speaking, people have little understanding of how their mind works. Should they even be aware they are using the process, they are mostly unable to identify and correct elements which may be working against them, such as deeply hidden beliefs and invisible inner conflicts. However, once these mental snags are untangled, it is as if a key has been turned. The individual not only thinks differently, but also embraces new actions, which opens the door to the successes this person has been seeking.

If you feel that you are on the outside looking in, or that an unseen force is blocking your success, the first step is learning to divest your unconscious mind of its past programming. Manifestation techniques can then be easily employed to attract the abundance you desire, creating it from the inside out!

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