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What can be done when a relationship breaks down?

Life is full of relationships. Between family members, friends, work colleagues or social acquaintances, there are invisible threads connecting us to others all around the world, both living and dead.

At what point is a relationship considered to be in trouble? Are arguments a healthy way to clear the air, or do they indicate that things are going sour? Is there an attitude problem, and is it one-sided or mutual? Perhaps communication has broken down completely, and neither person wishes to speak to the other? Is there a power struggle within the relationship, which may even have developed into abuse (possibly verbal, psychological, physical or sexual).

It can be particularly challenging to rectify past hurts when one party is no longer available - perhaps this individual has broken contact, moved away or the worst has happened and the personhas passed over. Death is especially unforgiving when it abruptly ends a relationship that was already strained. Can anything be done when dialogue is no longer an option?

Many fail to realise that our primary relationship is the one we have to ourselves, and all change actually begins on the inside. Whilst a mending path can be trodden from either end, its starting point is always within. Knowing as you do that the only one who can make a difference in this situation is you, would you feel happier to get started if you were certain you could only make the right move? Might you also find it useful to know:

  • which steps you can take to heal the current rift, and release past hurts (no matter how they came to be)
  • why you must focus on your own actions, rather than holding expectations of your counterpart
  • what you can do (alone or together!) to successfully repair a relationship
  • how to get yourself truly heard, even though your counterpart may not seem to be listening
  • when to draw the line underneath a relationship and in this instance, how you can move on

Imagine living in a balanced relationship where both parties gain benefit on a daily basis. If you’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve this, get Happinessence on side right now. Why wait? Act quickly and heal your relationship so that it can grow and blossom further.

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