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Do you prefer someone to point out the way, or hold your hand along the path?

Mentoring is an approach to personal development that introduces an independent and objective source of help originating from outside the individual’s everyday contact sphere. Whilst the concept of mentoring is simple, its successful implementation can prove challenging.

I engaged Sam as my business mentor on the recommendation of a friend, and after just 2mths working together, I won Harcourt’s Top Residential Real Estate award! Sam’s talent lies in her ability to ask exactly the right question at the most pertinent moment, and she also provides an excellent sounding board for the exploration of new options. As you would expect from a mentor, Sam also holds me accountable for the actions we agree together, and gently prompts me to regularly step out of my comfort zone. Knowing that I can call on Sam has immeasurably boosted my confidence, and the results that followed have stunned everyone. I started in real estate as a PA, learning the job from the ground up.  I’m now on an equal playing field, competing with some who have been in the industry for years. Sam has ensured my feet are firmly on the ground, but my sights are set high. It’s a compelling mix!

Jacqui Kendall - Pukekohe, New Zealand

It is desirable for a mentor to have both knowledge and experience gained from a wide range of circumstances. Industry accreditation is a delightful bonus. In addition, a mentor must display strong communication and teaching skills, in order to nurture the individual’s development. No mentor is aiming to produce clones. Rather, the mentor's overarching aim is to help each mentee become the very best that this person can be.

More often than not, mentoring is therefore a goal-oriented activity designed to function within a safe, one-to-one environment. Mentors usually provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modeling in order to help their mentees solve their own problems. Over time, the relationship sustains and empowers the individual to move forward with greater confidence and wisdom. Whilst a mentee is usually seeking additional skills when engaging a mentor, often the new perspectives gained during the process come to be valued more highly.

Whatever the chosen path, a mentor is the person from whom the apprentice learns most effectively how to fast-track. This particular guiding hand can truly hoist the individual, providing a massive boost to attain heights which previously appeared insurmountable.

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