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The habit of a lifetime – or a lifetime of habits?

Does it seem logical that life experiences enable each individual to establish their personal blueprint (or set of patterns) for thinking, communicating and behaving in pretty much every circumstance? And that once these mechanisms or methodologies are in place, they become habitual or automatic, formulating coping strategies which the individual can leverage in both familiar and unexpected situations?

Happinessence worked for me when I was at my lowest point. Sam is very positive and knows heaps of tricks to get your mind in the right state to see the positive things in life again. Her energy and knowledge about the human emotional states is vast, and she can help you to overcome your struggles in life. If you don’t want to share experiences that bother you, that’s ok because she has plenty of techniques to treat your case without you pouring your heart out. If you want to see the bright side of life again, then I recommend Sam from Happinessence.

Leo van Delden - Central Auckland, New Zealand

However, what happens when these accepted practices become less effective over time? Because everything changes – and when outdated patterns no longer match current experience, it can start to feel like groundhog day!

This is where neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) comes into its own. An incredibly powerful personal development discipline and change management tool that unlocks the structures behind human communication and individual excellence, NLP enables people to think, communicate and manage themselves (as well as others) more effectively.

NLP studies the intricate relationships between our thinking (neuro), our communicating (linguistic) and our emotional / behavioural patterns. It was during the 1970s that Richard Bandler and John Grinder devised what later became known as neuro-linguistic programming. They observed the therapeutic techniques of several experts in the field of personal change, and substantiated an exemplary approach permitting anyone to reach these same outcomes. Nowadays, NLP coaching enables the individual to transform their habitual thoughts and actions into a far more effective model of human excellence, thereby producing greater success in a multitude of areas.

Following its outstanding success in the world of personal development, NLP techniques have also been successfully employed in the fields of business management, sales and sports coaching.

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