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Is there a hidden meaning behind every number? Might there be a message to decode from the patterns numbers form when grouped together (for example, in a birthdate)?

Ancient civilizations have long recognized the power of numbers, and World Book Encyclopedia tells us that Pythagoras (mathematician, and one of the founders of geometry) taught number as “the essence of all things”. Amongst other things, he associated numbers with virtues and colours. Pythagoras also pointed to hidden numerical patterns which he positioned as keys to unlock the secrets of the psyche. Perhaps for this reason, many numerologists reference Pythagoras as the source for their number analysis systems.

Whilst some numerology systems link meanings to specific numerals, whether single figures (0-9) or double digits (10-99), others are based on the assumption that numerical value can be assigned to the letters of an alphabet, eg. Arabic, Hebrew or Greek. Each system has its lucky numbers, as well as those considered to be less fortunate.

Although numerology-based, Dan Brown’s “Life-Purpose System” is perhaps best described as a system of personality typing based on birth dates. It is conceived on the premise that an individual’s birth number (calculated from their birth date) reveals meaningful information about their life purpose. In his introduction, Dan states that his system is not “based upon conventional science or even logic” but that “years of empirical testing” have shown the system can “bring lives into focus”.

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