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Say yes to what you want – and NO to what you don’t!

When setting your sights, every team is faced with choices. In the business world, this may be which clients you choose to work with, or which employees you hire to build your departments. For sports teams, perhaps it’s which events you attend. In the field of service, maybe it will be the charities you support and the endeavours you organise or complete on their behalf. For MLM’ers, the most important assessment you make may indeed be which product or service you wish to promote!

Has your team settled on a robust decision-making process? While it’s important to consider multiple views, it’s also critical once a verdict has been reached for the whole team to support the resolution. Do you find it easy to unite all team members at each turn – or are there always a few stragglers, those who steadfastly maintain that something wasn’t ‘fair’ and refuse to lend their full support?

Do you really want to continue allowing the negative few to spoil things for everyone else? Imagine if you knew how to get the whole team on board for each important decision? How would it be if even your most recalcitrant members eagerly added their voice to the chorus of approval? Would it make a difference to team morale if everyone were able to stand together in the face of any challenge? Might you also find it helpful to understand:

  • which simple change rapidly achieves harmony (and how to convince everyone to embrace it!)
  • how to get yourself truly heard, even though no-one seems to be listening
  • what mix of personalities works best in a team – and how to help everyone spark the best in each other
  • why some people believe it’s more important to be right than to agree
  • where team members can safely release negativity (and thereby avoid impacting their team mates)

There is an art to happiness, which absolutely anyone can learn! Make sure everyone on your team is happy. Start by getting your priorities straight, and calling Happinessence right now!

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