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Stepping up – even higher!

If your team is already doing well, is it feasible to continually demand in a compelling manner that everyone raise the bar even further? Perhaps you’ve previously been urging everybody to take it to the next level, but now you've discovered that the next step just seems to require more energy than your leaders can supply. Are you wondering if there might be a limit to achievement – and if so, what are the signs you’ve reached it? Rather than constantly pushing for more, perhaps you need to shift gears and guard against burn-out?

When soaring on the wings of success, arrogance and complacency often rear their ugly heads and suddenly it seems like the whole thing might come crashing down. So, how do you refocus your team, what can you do to keep everyone motivated and is there a sure fire way to tactfully manage prima donna egos before one becomes an issue?

In your desire to achieve more, do you think it might it help you and your team to know exactly how to harness the energy of excellence, positioning you to continually reach what others can only dream of? Imagine standing on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before, knowing you can beat even their most magnificent accomplishments. Just think about what this level of attainment could do for everyone involved with your team? Might it also be useful to understand:

  • why recent studies show more than 70% of the beliefs we hold do NOT support success or high performance
  • how stem-cell testing proves 99% of achievement is caused by our environment (not our genes!)
  • what single dividing factor makes all the difference to competitive achievement
  • how high engagement within teams leads each individual to exceed expectations by 50% on average
  • which surprising notion is now recognised as one of the greatest competitive advantages in the modern economy

If you can already see the next level from your current vntage point, Happinessence will help you take your team there. Seize the moment, make contact right now!

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