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How to have your cake AND savour every mouthful!

What’s your dream? Is it a childhood fantasy, something you've fashioned and developed over the years – or did the idea come to you in a flash of inspiration and it’s been lying dormant ever since, waiting for the right moment?

What has stopped you realizing your dream until now? Are you lacking the know-how, the resources or the influence to get the idea off the ground? Has it always been the wrong time? Would it simply be too much hard work to get it going? Are you scared everyone would ridicule the idea, if they knew what you’ve been thinking? On the other hand, perhaps you’re worried you couldn’t handle the fame and fortune once your plan takes off?

Every now and then, maybe you get the urge to just do it. Or, it could be that you’ve known for a while this IS the time, and you simply need to go for it, right away. Are you really starting to hate yourself for procrastinating, especially when you know deep down that you could SO make this happen, if you just got started?

You’ve probably spent a lot of time imagining how it all unfolds, watching everything slip gently into place in your mind and seeing the end result flash up before your eyes. So, how would it be if all obstacles were cleared from your path and you knew exactly how to achieve the success you’ve visualized so often? Might it make a difference if you already had a few more answers, such as:

  • how to conjure up the success you desire - as if by magic!
  • which milestones make all the difference between abject failure and triumphant achievement
  • where to find support when all your usual sources have left you high and dry
  • who to look to for guidance, who to avoid – and how to tell the difference!
  • why others might try to sabotage your plans, and how to handle them

Cultivating the dream is laudable…living the dream is transformational! Why wait any longer? Get in touch with Happinessence right now, and start creating your own magnificent new reality.

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