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Just how easy is it to stub out my last cigarette?

What is it about smoking that's making you want to quit? Perhaps you want to improve your general health, and breathe easy again? Is there a baby on the way? Maybe you're fed up with having no money! Or could it be that you want to kickstart a “stop smoking” trend, and set a great example for your children? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter how much nagging you’ve received in the past, the time is only right for you to quit when you are ready to make that choice for yourself.

Have you recently had a brush with cancer, or other serious illness? Sometimes, it’s just the clock ticking (often past a significant birthday) which helps you make the simple decision to work on your fitness – before it’s too late!!! On the odd occasion, a misplaced comment will do the trick, like someone casually remarking that your clothes stink, your teeth are yellow or worse, your breath smells foul…

If you’re really starting to hate the habit, then NOW is the time to clear away the smoke and break free. Just imagine being able to quit effortlessly, and change instantly to a breath of fresh air. How would it be if you could simply stop smoking, without any hesitation, right now? Would you also find it useful to know:

  • how to beat the urge
  • where to find the willpower should others light up around you
  • why others might try to sabotage your decision and how to handle them
  • what to say if you’re suddenly offered a cigarette a week down the line
  • which health benefits kick in when (after quitting), and how soon your body returns to full health

Imagine taking control and deciding you're ready to step out smoke-free. If this is you, and change is itching at your fingers, then snap into action and contact Happinessence right now to make an immediate start.

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