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Can my answers really be found in a pack of cards?

Whilst the origins of the tarot remain obscure, the cards have been linked with the Egyptian mysteries, Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah and alchemy. The earliest decks date from the 13th century and although tarot has been incorporated into the practices of several secret societies, tarot cards are most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. However, many esoteric scholars have studied the tarot as an instrument of spiritual development, a key to the wisdom of the ages through which the individual can gain greater self-knowledge.

I was at a crossroads at the start of last year and had a lot on my plate, so much so that I was finding it hard to see the wood for the trees. A friend who had been to you was raving about her session with you so recommended me to have one too. Wow, Sam! The session was spot on. It was so insightful and gave me such clarity that I came away feeling like I was walking on air, with much more focus which helped me get things on the right track. Thank you so much!

Juliet Lemon - London, UK

Carl Jung, psychotherapist and founder of analytical psychology, wrote his 1921 book “Psychological Types” following an in-depth study of tarot. During World War II, work began on the psychometric testing instrument Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based upon Jung’s theories of psychological archetypes. The indicator was first published in 1962, and nowadays it is used to enhance personal and professional development, as well as to fashion and support relationship dynamics within couples, sports teams, corporate groups and executive boards.

The interpretation of a tarot spread (pattern) of apparently randomly chosen cards often sheds therapeutic light on the seeker's difficulties. Via the 78 cards of the major and minor arcana (meaning profound secret), a tarot reading uses archetypal images to reveal the dynamics of the universal forces currently at play in the individual’s life. This deeper insight, possibly revealing some previously hidden options, usually brings to light some new choices, offering the individual greater clarity. And the resultant self-discoveries allow the assumption of greater personal responsibility for both past and future actions.

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