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Our terms & conditions

At Happinessence, we expect to work with our clients in a mutually respectful environment. We achieve this by implementing the following philosophy:

  • Responsibility for results lies with the client, who is always in charge of their own mind. From time to time, preparation assignments (or homework!) are offered during our programmes to maximise the scheduled sessions – the client must choose if they wish to complete this work. Happinessence always provides the highest value to clients, but it must be clearly understood that we cannot achieve their results for them!
  • We may mutually agree to shift pre-scheduled session dates, depending upon initial results from any programme.
  • When a date change for a scheduled session is unavoidable, we request at least 72hrs notice to avoid cancellation charges or session forfeit.
  • At Happinessence, we request upfront payment on one-off sessions (such as Diagnostics) and we are happy to agree a payment schedule for any client wishing to spread the cost of their programme. We do however operate a “pencil down” policy should any payment fail to arrive by the scheduled date. This means that Happinessence immediately stops work on the in question until the financial situation is rectified. Should the consequence be that one (or more) pre-arranged session(s) within a programme cannot take place during the "pencil down" period, these sessions are forfeited and will not be rescheduled.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, then simply e-mail us on sam@happinessence.co.nz or use our website contact form.

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