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One of many diverse pagan belief systems, wicca is a nature-based energy philosophy which is practiced in harmony with the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year. The word “wicca” comes from the Anglo-Saxon, meaning “wise”, and other names used are “Way of the Wise” or “Craft of the Wise” (often abbreviated to “the Craft”). The original pronunciation of wicca was “witch-a” (female version) and “witch-e” (male version), meaning that practitioners became known as witches.

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Wiccan energy work is based on the principle that an individual’s will (or intention) can be made into reality using focused concentration. The natural elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit can be called upon to aid an intention. The wiccan deities will also play their part. The God, who is linked to the sun, can be found in the woods and wild places where he rules over life and death, as well as night and day. The Goddess is associated with the moon and its three phases. She is linked to both the earth and the stars, as she is creativity, inspiration and transformation.

Correspondence is an important concept in wiccan energy work, and it uses two principles. Firstly, that like produces like, so that by imitating something you can actually reproduce it (eg. the act of pouring water will produce rain). The second notion is that once things having been in contact with each other, they will continue to react upon one another at a distance, even after being severed or disconnected (eg. a ring once worn by someone can still be used to connect with that individual).

Energy can never be lost, but it can change from one form to another (just like friction, or the energetic action of rubbing your hands together, will produce heat). In wicca, rituals and spellwork (based on correspondence) can be introduced to heighten energy and transmute (or change) it into another useable form. Energy can be directed for protection, cleansing, healing, fertility, love, abundance and personal success.

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