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How to maintain your stability when change is all around you…

Are you facing change? Perhaps you didn’t choose the situation, but it feels like your world has come to a standstill all the same. This can be the case when your find yourself struck down unexpectedly with serious / terminal illness, your life partner ends the relationship, you find yourself redundant in the workplace, or a loved one has died leaving you bereft and alone. Or maybe the situation is of your own making, but it hasn’t turned out as you planned. Maybe you chose to move to a new country, perhaps you started an illicit affair or possibly you made a large investment which has gone awry.

Do you feel sad, humiliated, angry or hurt? Are you stuck at a crossroads, with no idea which way to turn? Does it seem like there’s no-one you can ask for help, because everyone has their own troubles and they wouldn’t really understand yours anyway? Is your situation hopeless – or at least that’s how it feels because life will never be the same again, will it?

One thing’s for certain…you can’t go back. The only way is forwards, whether you choose to resist or embrace the path ahead. So, if you’re ready to make things the way you want them to be for yourself, then it’s time right NOW for you to take a hand in your own destiny. Resuming control and plotting your own course ensures the universe can settle everything else into place around you.

Remembering how things were before the floodgates opened, just imagine taking forwards the best parts of that time in order to incorporate them into your path ahead. Your loved one may no longer be walking by your side, and yet you can carry with you the feel of their hand in yours. Although full health may elude you right now, certain elements of wellness are completely within reach. What’s gone has gone (whether it’s your job, your money, your lover or your former home) and the impression left behind is the foundation from which you can build upwards, over time. Would it help you right now to know:

  • why this specific situation happened to you at this particular point in your life
  • what works (and what doesn’t) for handling negative emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, hurt and fear
  • which steps you can take to heal your pain, and release past hurts
  • where hope comes from, and how to cultivate more in challenging situations
  • how you might choose to identify your life’s purpose, and discover the whole point of your existence

Destiny is not meant to shape you. You are in control, and there are abundant choices once you choose to resume your position at the helm. Wait no longer for someone else to lead the way, grab this new opportunity with both hands and call on Happinessence right now to get things moving the way YOU want them to go.

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